Monday, 28 March 2011

Hooper's Hooch

I recently created an integrated campaign for the alcopop Hooper's Hooch (HH). HH was formed in 1995 but was discontinued in 2003. Therefore the aim of this campaign was the bring the brand back and to advertise it to its old consumers. Alcopops are traditionally aimed at teenagers but the aim of this campaign is to give consumers in their late twenties the opportunuity to revel in nostalgia by drinking an alcopop which they once loved.

This advertisement is for a billboard. It features the iconic lemon which represents HH acting as a playful influence. A couple are sat far apart from each other on the sofa and appear unhappy as if an arguement has just taken place. The lemon acts as a representation of happier times, and states 'when did life become so hard?'.

The following advertisement is for a magazine. It shows a woman sat in a library looking bored and uninterested in what she is supposed to be doing. The lemon is peering through the books and shouts 'boring!'. Again this represents the playful and exciting nature of HH, and the cartoon lemon emphasises this.

I have also storyboarded a thirty second TV advertisement. The adverts starts with a man waking up to the sound of his alarm. However as he stretches to turn off the alarm he accidentally knocks over a glass of water. This is the first in a sequence of unfortunate events which happens during his day. These events only last three seconds each and are quickly displayed so the viewer realises the pain the man is going through. The second event shows the man argueing with his wife. This is followed by him getting splashed with rain water as a car drives through a puddle as he is waiting at a bus stop. He eventually arrives at work to find a pile of paperwork on his desk. On the way home his mood improves as he sees a billboard advertising HH. Consequently he visits his local off licence to buy some HH. When he arrives home he shows his wife what he bought which improves her mood. The advert then cuts to the two of them dancing in their front room in 90's clothing to the song 'back for good' by Take That.

The three forms of adverts interlink as they all relate to the target audience and the position that they are in within their lives. There is a clear message which is to 'relive your youth'. All three adverts show the stresses of life but show HH as a brand which unlocks nostalgia as a form of escapism.

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